“I just did annual performance reviews, and Walden tests were right on the money. It’s amazing.”

- Manager, IT Business Applications, General Dynamics Ordance Systems and Tactical Systems.

“Please forward this note to your scoring manager; I got his voice mail message re the candidate I asked about and very much appreciate his response. He answered my questions completely. In general, you folks at Walden are tremendous, and worth every dime you’re paid! (Maybe even more?) Thanks very much for your rapid and full responses to our questions, and turnaround time scoring the assessments, and generally pleasant “bedside manner”. You’re great service providers. It looks like we can expect our second programmer development effort to go as well as the first one did, and for both I believe the assessment gets us over the biggest hurdle.”In a newspaper interview, Ms. Brown said her organization probably saved thousands of dollars in training costs when it used one of Walden’s aptitude tests to fill eight computer-programming vacancies.

After failing to find experienced external candidates, the department decided to offer aptitude tests to its current employees, regardless of prior programming experience. More than 300 employees accepted the offer and, from there, eight were chosen, including some who had never before used a computer, but had scored highest on the aptitude test.

The eight were trained at a cost of nearly $10,000 U.S. each and all have succeeded on the job, Brown said.

“We hired some people who we otherwise would never have considered and avoided hiring people who would have been mistakes,” she said.”

- Stephanie Brown, State of California, Programmer Training

“…We have received excellent customer service from the people at Walden. They assure that all information and scores are confidential. They also are flexible! We have used several different methods in receiving booklets and test scores. Each time, the information has been timely. They are very easy to get in touch with and return phone calls promptly. I have been very impressed with their friendliness and professionalism.”

- HR Director, Principal Financial Corp.