Although this test assumes no prior knowledge of data processing, it’s designed to measure both entry-level and experienced candidates’ aptitude for analyzing and resolving business problems within that domain. It is offered over the Internet or in booklet form.

The 60-minute version consists of 4 problems. The first 3 evaluate the candidate’s programming potential including :

  • logical abilities

  • attention to detail

  • basic math skills

  • capacity for following procedures

  • ability to create symbolic programs

The 4th problem is designed to test the candidate’s analytical ability and skill in interpreting business specifications to solve problems.

The test is appropriate when assessing candidates for positions such as :

  • Entry level programmer

  • Computer trainees

  • Computer science graduates


This test evaluates candidates’ relative strengths when choosing a computer-related career. It requires 90 minutes and can be taken via the Internet or in booklet format.

Regardless of an individuals prior experience, this test evaluates their abilities in:

  • logical and analytical skills

  • pattern comprehension and recognition

  • procedural creation

  • word processing and numeric keyboarding

  • using computer keyboards for mathematical purposes

  • manipulating text and grammatical knowledge

  • manipulating graphic elements

  • understanding texts in vendor manuals


Although all programmers ultimately require software-engineering skills specific to your organization, this test presumes no prior knowledge or experience. Utilizing four problems that simulate on-the-job sills and abilities required of most programmers it evaluates the potential competency level of each candidate.

The WPAT takes 60 minutes to complete and requires minimal supervision. The candidate must solve 4 problems that evaluate their ability to:

  • reason

  • understand and follow procedures

  • apply mathematical skills

  • understand written commands

  • understand symbols and manipulate graphic images