Designed for entry-level and experienced candidates, this test evaluates a candidate’s potential in programming and analyzing within an object-oriented environment. It presumes no prior experience or knowledge.

The test consists of 6 problems specific to an object-oriented environment. They involve analytic reasoning and the potential for translating business problems into symbolic logic.

Problems 2, 3 & 4 evaluate an individual’s capacity in such traits as logical ability, basic mathematical skills and the ability to modify an object within a specific class of objects. The questions evaluate abstract reasoning and incorporate such concepts as “inheritance” and “class.”

Problems 1 and 5 examine problem-solving skills and the ability to follow instructions. Problem 6 evaluates both abstract and analytical reasoning.

The test is appropriate for:

  • Entry level candidates

  • Computer science graduates

  • Programmer-analysts transiting from traditional procedural language into object-oriented systems development