How do I get started?
Once we have established, with a phone conversation or via email, that your organization is a bona fide employer, we will ask you for a brief description of the job you want to test for and recommend the best test for the purpose. You purchase one test for each candidate. We grade the test and send you a detailed evaluation report on the candidate.

What next?
Once we have received a written commitment to an order, we send you the tests immediately.

For online tests, we provide login information which includes an internet user guide and a candidate information sheet to begin the process. You then create a username and password for each new applicant.

The candidate logs in to the TEST LOGIN link on our homepage, enters the user name and password and completes the test, generally taking about one hour. Almost immediately after completion a detailed evaluation report is emailed to the employer contact person.

For booklet tests, and there are many clients who prefer booklets, we email you a pdf copy of the test and Fax Answer Sheet along with relevant test serial numbers. You print out the needed number of tests. The candidate completes each answer sheet which is faxed to us. We grade the tests and email you the evaluation reports. Tests returned later than 3 years from origin will bear a small grading fee.

We offer a free usage of any test to qualified organizations.

What are your pricing and terms?
We will tell you our published price for each test supplied which covers the test content, grading and evaluation report. Generous quantity discounts are offered starting at 5.

The invoice is emailed to you as soon as we have sent you the tests. It is due in full in 30 days, rather than when the tests have been administered. We add a handling charge per order. Mastercard and VISA are accepted. We do not sell to individuals.

How do your consulting services work?
There may be instances where our standard tests are not appropriate for your requirement. In such cases, we can either modify the existing tests, or construct a new test. We will also validate the test and certify that the test is appropriate for the position in question.

You may also be using a homemade test and be concerned about its validity. Here we are able to design and perform a validation study so that continued use of your test is not problematic.

As well, we can undertake a validation study for one any of our tests in your specific environment to ensure the test is suitable for the job. Discounts are provided for tests used for validation purposes. Such a study is not required to use our tests.

We will share with you our 35 years of experience in the field of personnel testing for any requirement you may have.

Can I discuss the results of the tests we submit?
Yes. Our scoring staff will be pleased to discuss individual candidate reports with you.