• Author: Bruce A. Winrow
  • Date introduced: 1993
  • Administration time: 1 hour
  • Booklet and Internet versions available


This test is for both entry-level and experienced candidates. To evaluate the person’s aptitude and potential for analyzing business problems. This test assumes no prior experience or knowledge of data processing.

General Description

The test, from which a three-page report is provided to the client, consists of two problems which evaluate logical ability, skill at interpretation of business specifications, and potential for translating business problems into symbolic logic. The two problems are designed to test the person’s ability to follow complex business procedures and analyze them to supply specific requirements. As well, the candidate must create symbolic instructions to represent a common business procedure and then analyze these instructions for errors. No personality traits are measured in this test.

Positions for which the test is appropriate

  • Any business-related job position requiring analytical thinking and attention to detail
  • Entry-level Candidates
  • Experienced Applicants

Job criteria measured

  • Ability to interpret and understand complex business procedures.
  • Ability to translate business solutions into symbolic logic.