To evaluate the suitability of candidates of all levels of experience for the position of Customer Service Representative. Also applicable to non-technical Help Desk positions.

General Description

The Customer Service Skills Test, from which a five-page report is provided to the client, consists of instruments measuring the following:

  • A Verbal Fluency (Booklet version)
  • Reading Comprehension (Internet version)
  • Numerical Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Problem Solving Ability
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Customer Service Problem Solving
  • Customer Service Logic

Positions for which the test is appropriate

This test is used to pre-screen job applicants and in-house personnel in the following positions:

  • A Customer Service Representative
  • Non-technical Help Desk
  • Inside Sales or Order Desk

Job criteria measured

  • Verbal fluency – communication skills (booklet version)
  • Reading comprehension (Internet version)Numerical skills and reasoning
  • Attention to administrative detail
  • Logic and problem solving abilities
  • Ability to deal with situations within a customer service environment
  • Problem solving within a customer service environment
  • Procedural ability within a customer service environment